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From Wikipedia: Paricipaory Media includes (but is not limited to) "...blogs, wikis, RSS, tagging and social bookmarking, music-photo-video sharing, mashups, podcasts, participatory video projects and videoblogs. These distinctly different media share three common, interrelated characteristics:
  • Many-to-many media now make it possible for every person connected to the network to broadcast and receive text, images, audio, video, software, data, discussions, transactions, computations, tags, or links to and from every other person. The asymmetry between broadcaster and audience that was dictated by the structure of pre-digital technologies dictated has changed radically. This is a technical-structural characteristic.
  • Participatory media are social media whose value and power derives from the active participation of many people. This is a psychological and social characteristic. One example is StumbleUpon.
  • Social networks amplified by information and communication networks enable broader, faster, and lower cost coordination of activities. This is an economic and political characteristic." - Yvonne

Media where three common interrelated characteristics are shared: social networking; where individuals and organizations become connected, many-to-many media; the ability of many people to be able to broadcast and view material online at any time, and many people; the concept of meme which is the socio-psychological way that information moves from one mind to the next mind again and again. - Sequoia Stenlund

Media that is produced through the collective efforts of a community allowing its participants to both ingest it's content and then contribute to it. - Jay

Participatory media is a medium (blog, video logs, wiki etc) which encourages audience participation in the creation, distribution and consumption of itself. -Denae-

Participatory media is defined by the high level of involvement by the members of a community in the creation, organization and direction of the topics and information disseminated in a two-way network. Digital media such as blogs, video logs, wikis and pod casts are types of participatory media. -Pam

Participatory Media is a media which participation through multiple channels and the usage of on-line tools by individuals that come together and network with one another to share experiences and to create new one along the way.- Aaron Stenton

(Steve) can be deciphered from two perspectives.
1)Digital/Technology-by this, participatory media is simply using new media tools to create active interchange where before only only passive observation was possible. This can be achieved through, for example, participatory video, blogs, collaborative internet interfaces, etc.
2)Third World Human-participatory media from this perspective refers to the use of community media tools so that marginalized and remote communities can both receive and contribute information and opinions to ultimately effect social change for their respective realities. This can be the result of radio, video and print. The focus is to empower communites so that through participation they can have a voice in redirecting their communities towards a more just and positive path.

Participatory media are social media whose value and power derives from the active participation of many people. It is an independent community reporting media system and it forms from audience participation. Such as online publications and collaborative news sites with an amateur staff perform original reporting on community affairs. Participatory media citizens contribute photos, video and news updates to community media or mainstream news outlets. (Guled)

Participatory Media is a form of media that not only gives information but allows the person or persons getting that information to be involved in the process. Being able to add to the information being given out, or add to the ideas that are being relayed is Participatory Media. Sam

Participatory media is an active social Media that allows people to create and consume media. The Revolution of Media put in place accessible technologies and platforms that allowed users to step little further and not limit them to receive but to also participate in delivering messages. SARA

Media that includes involvement and contributes on the part of that member. Different kinds of participation could be considered this, wikis, video logs, blogs, and pod.-Yianno