Looked in google and found this (which i what Sequoia stated): "Media production associated with aid programmes (in ex British colonies especially)." - Yvonne

The production of media which is associated with aid programs. The British Colonies has one of the largest Development Media programs. - Sequoia Stenlund

Media created through the participation of a community with the goal of producing positive social change within the community. - Jay

Development Media is media that is planned out and created for a cause. It is meant to set apart the differences within community's and determine what the best channel is for change.- Aaron Stenton

Development Media is the creation and production of media for the greater good. -Denae-

Development media uses the tools of media communications to educate, inform, and empower those in remote or underdeveloped communities: " can be used as an effective and powerful tool for reaching, engaging, and
empowering communities isolated by geography, poverty, conflict, or illiteracy." (

(Steve) a knee-jerk response to the ineffectiveness of political parties to address grassroots community needs resulting from neoliberalism and globalization. Development media establishes a linkage between community media sources, developmental organizations, and local groups and individuals to analyze and create ways to foster social change from a participatory, bottom-up approach. Consequently, a delicate balance is formed between policy and community empowerment which rely on each other to work towards the envisioned goals. In addition, development is contingent upon the subtle and subjective input and context of the community in question so that its views in terms of needs, values, and culture are expressed.

Development Media is a media design set up for community work of reporting and possibility of free flow of information so as to enable all sectors of society to have access to information, including the unprivileged groups. It embarks the all principle of democracy that says democratic society cannot be created without the independence of media pluralism. On the basis of critical and comprehensive news, views and information citizens, voters, consumers and workers make meaningful choices that affect their lives, liberty and property. Thus, in an emerging information society, the right to information has become a key to the governing process and establishes the transparency of decision-making. (Guled)

Development Media is media outlets created for a specific purpose. The development of someone or something, not just for information purposes but for a specific information. Sam

Development Media is information and knowledge brought by Media, aiming at developing a critical thinking and encouraging the use of technology to enable independents Media to reach, empower and engage people in matter that affects them to establish a democratic society. SARA

Development Media- A group that builds upon the growth of the media and is for the best interest of the people.