From Wikipedia: Demcratic Media "...differs from similar (and related) concepts such as Citizen media, Media democracy and Independent Media (aka Alternative Media) in that it puts as much emphasis on the organization of the media project as it does on the content. (Note; this definition means that an Independent Media or Citizen media project can also be a Democratic Media project, but being an Independent Media or Citizen media project does not mean it is automatically a form of Democratic Media. It also means you could have a project that promotes the concepts of Media democracy without it explicitly being itself a form of Democratic Media.) For a media project to be considered Democratic Media it must have (or strive towards) the following characteristics;
- Yvonne

Democratic media is giving the freedom to any given individual for him or her to overcome and overpower in political agreements- Aaron Stenton

Media created to promote the power of the individual through participation and democratic values. - Jay

Democratic media is also referred to as "radical" community media as it challenges the biases of established media outlets on political and social issues and provides representation for individuals and communities by ensuring access to information and free speech through participation in the distribution of information. -Pam

Media that promotes democratic values and challenges the fascist' takeover of media conglomerates. -Denae-

(Steve) As Ellie Rennie points out democratic media is about "self-representation" within a media framework. Fundamentally, democratic media bridges the disconnect between community and individuals and a seemingly non-responsive political system that has led to widespread apathy and democratic stagnation. If communities and citizens have access to arenas whereby they can express their concerns, in essence, this is functioning democracy. If, in turn, these concerns are able to be linked to political representatives to create a dialogue, then not only is the production of the particular form of media and example of democratic media, but the reconcilliation of the local level to the political sphere through new media technologies has implications for policy considerations due to the transparency of grassroots realities.

Democratic media is a production and distribution model which promotes a participatory system that informs and empowers all members of society, and enhances democratic values. The term also refers to a modern social movement evident in countries all over the world which attempts to make mainstream media more accountable to the publics they serve and to create more democratic alternatives. (Guled)

"A democratic media can be indentified by its structure and functions. In terms of structure, it would be organized and controlled by ordinary citizens or their grass roots organisations....As regards function, a democratic media will aim first and foremost at serving the informational, cultural and other communications needs of members of the public which the media institutions comprise or represent." ( Edward S Herman, from
In other words media that is unbiased and provides information essential to the betterment of people not just one community. Media not controlled but given the freedom to express itself without reprocusion, ridicule, or editing. Allowing the information or persons and institutions relaying that information to do so in a manor that they see fit.

Democratic Media drives its origin from the fact that the coverage of Media to important issues is bias and the lack of an open none influenced Media. Because Media plays a crucial role in shaping people’s opinion, it can influence their decisions, and favors a group of people over another. Democratic Media has for purpose bringing Democracy to people by promoting an open access to a diverse media sources allowing citizens to make informed decisions. SARA

Democratic Media- Media that is for that people and allows them freedom without prohibiting what should be allowed and not. (No name was provided after submitting this definition. If it was you, please submit your name to get credited for your words. Thanks)