"Community media are non-profit media which are for, by and about the community. Ownership and management of community media are representative of the community." (from Glossary: Engaging with Media; Developed by: Vanessa Malila, Highway Africa). -Yvonne

Defined by some as a political act of giving potential tools of power to the powerless, Community Media is working cooperatively with people or organizations to highlight the potential for growth in areas of society where non-commerical funds are available by grant or donation. - Sequoia Stenlund

Media that allows for access and participation within the framework of a not for profit enitity alowing Individuals and groups to define their society. -Jay

Community Media as defined by the Community Media Association (http://www.commedia.org.uk/about-community-media/) is: community owned and controlled, giving access to voices in the community and encouraging diversity, creativity and participation. Community media provide a vital counterbalance to the increasing globalization and commercialization of the media. -Denae-

Community media is defined by any resources and means that individuals and communities (community can be seen as geographical, language, interests, cultural, religious, sexual orientation, etc., etc) can generate and utilize to express views, ideas, and opinions to others in the same community and beyond. This is achieved through the participation of staff, volunteers(essential to community building), listeners, readers, and viewers. It is consumer participation in the digital age (Rennie). Community media is the manifestation of civil society and the application of civic duty and responsibility that transcends politics and philosophical beliefs. It is simply a means by which to engage in dialogue that one would otherwise be unable to do in the mainstream media. As Ellie Rennie puts it, community media is "community communication." It is facilitated in large part by the advent of digital new media, but can also be in the form of radio, microradio, print, cable, and DIY ventures. -Steve

Community media first emerged at a grassroots level in the 1970's in an effort to democratize media and challenge corporate mass media in delivering information to the public. Different from the mass media model of one-way information, from one (professional producer) to many (the audience), community media allows members of a community (the audience) to be the producers and creates opportunities for interactive, two-way dialogue focusing on issues important to that community. The term community media has evolved in the digital age to be a broader term that includes "alternative" media, "citizen's" media and "radical" or "democratic" media. -Pam

The term Community media seems hard to define in that it covers such an array of different aspects. I would say that community media is a democratic social fabric that cements and holds a community together; an existing grassroots medium and practices that give access to active citizens to voice their concerns for the good of the community. It is used as a counterbalancing democratic tool to build, empower and enhance the value and strengthen the ties that bind a community together. (Journel)

Community Media has many meanings and brings a lot of inspirations to those involved in Community Media. It's a broad range of different technologies and the way one uses these technologies in their community. Community Media is a communications tool. There are several ways to communicate in the world these days,but none the less, it's the community that outreaches to one another to listen, to hear, to experiences different levels of media. - Aaron Stenton

Community media is any form of communications which is noncommercial by nature for the community. The purpose of community media is access that the media activity should improve the quality of life in the community. It provides a passage for free speech and personal expression. A truthful local news and up-to-date information is one of its priorities. It has great purpose for community building. It gives free access to citizens’ who entrust in the creative process, development of arts and cultural activities. Community media make a links for the community and voluntary sector to the local authorities for social rejuvenation. It promotes problem-solving methodology for community with the public at-large. Its standpoint is to strength the democratic process, pluralism, and promotion of citizen’s involvement in their communities and the public. (Guled)

A group of either individual or groups who share materials that hold data in any form or that allow data to pass through them, including paper, transparencies, multipart forms, hard, floppy and optical disks, magnetic tape, wire, cable and fiber. -Yianno

Community Media has many different definitions, but in short it is the product of any media outlet used for the purpose of relaying information to two or more parties. However people comunicate and share information for the betterment of that group of people or all people is community media. Sam

Community Media is inherent to community issues and dedicated to community building by allowing community members to find solutions to problems encountered within and create opportunities to develop and prosper the community. Community Media has for a purpose creating ties between different members of the community through communication and community reaching by using Public Access TV and radio station and Internet. SARA