Collaborative Media Workshop

Suggestion of Intro to Workshop on Social/Collaborative Media (taken from Spannerworks' ebook entitled What is Social Media?)

Opening Statement:What is Social Media?-5 Major Characteristics
  • participation-blurs line between media and audience
  • openness-feedback encouraged, password protected content discouraged
  • conversation-two-way interaction
  • community-fosters growth around common issues
  • connectedness-links to other media and information content
Basic Types of Social Media
  • blogs-online journal (web log) (eblogger, technorati)
  • wikis-communal databases where anyone can add/edit content (wikipedia)
  • social networks-personal websites where users can share content and communicate (myspace, facebook)
  • podcasts-audio and video files available through subscription (Apple iTunes)
  • content communities-websites that organize and allow the sharing of a particular content (youtube, flickr,
  • forums-online discussion focused on a specific topic, predates the advent of "social media" (craigslist forums)
(we can link to some of the above examples to give those that are coming from outside of tactical can get a taste of what some of this stuff looks like)
  • 1990s discussion of the Internet alluded to its democratic and participatory nature; its revolutionary means of global interconnectedness
    • social media is to a large degree the realization of this early preconception
  • human beings on a new scale
    • global
      • share ideas
      • cooperate and collaborate to create
        • art
        • thought
        • commerce
        • debate and discourse
        • make friends, allies, and lovers
  • This is what democracy looks like
    • anyone can do it
      • create and distribute
        • video/photos/text
  • A threat?
    • the debates around the future of the Internet and all democratic forms of media
(from here we can go into the specific example that Fred wants to focus on, namely demonstrating the set up of a vlog which incorporates a lot of the introduction)