From Wikipedia, "citizen media refers to forms of content produced by private citizens who are otherwise not professional journalists. Citizen journalism, participatory media and democratic media are related principles."

I wanted to differentiate the terms “Citizen Media” and “Citizen’s Media” (possessive) here. The source for this is “What’s Going On In Community Media”:
Citizen’s Media is media that gives people from all walks of life the ability to communicate and act effectively as citizens
Citizen Media is a more recent term that is used in terms that involve video and audio blogging, social software and other collaborative media tools
- Yvonne Decelis

Citizens Media is a media in which us, the people, create our own form of media and use to inform those around us. It is a critical step for citizen media makers to express what is going on in his or her community and the evolution of technology. - Aaron Stenton

Media that is produced by citizens on any subject, and as a goal empowers all members of society by building knowledge.
- Sequoia Stenlund

Media produced by individuals on topics of interest to them - Jay

Citizen media is various types of media made by private citizens to inform the larger community. -Denae-

Citizen media is created by the individual citizen, reflects the views, opinions or creative thoughts of a particular citizen to be shared by others involved in a community. -Pam

One person's Citizen Media, as per the definition of Citizen Media. The apostrophe indicates a possessive case. The possessive here is the citizen producing the media. - Sequoia Stenlund

Citizens' Media is a broader definition of community media to include alternative media. It does not only communicate a common view of a society, but allows challanges to commonly held views of a society. - Jay

Citizens media gives the creative power back to the citizens of the community (As opposed to the usual giant corporations). It allows everyday citizens of the community to create media. -Denae-

Citizen's media is created for the citizens of a group or community, can be produced by experienced contributors or average citizens but with the intention to inform, educate and enlighten on topics, issues important to a community. -Pam

Citizens' Media: (Steve) Clemencia Rodriguez defines citizens' media in a precise and easily understood manner. In her view, citizens' media is any form of media that is conducive to "rupturing preestablished power structures, opening spaces that allow for new social identities and new cultural definitions, and, in a word, generating power on the side of the subordinates." Essentially, citizens' media brings about new visions, creates new realities, and establishes new perspectives by giving a forum to the most local of the community sphere to tell their story and illustrate how they see their world. Clearly, this will differ radically from the stereotypical images and portrayals of the mainstream. The power of citizens' media is found in the internal painting of a communities portrait by folks who have experiential access to these environments.

Citizen's Media: (Steve) Citizen's media is significantly different from citizens' media. While there is some overlap in terms of shifting the structure of entrenched media exclusivity towards the consumer realm, citizen's media is focused on journalistic input. Citizens' media is a more informal approach in redefining how realities and communities are seen.
Citizen's media is citizen journalism. Center for Citizen Media founder Dan Gilmor describes citizen's media as a forum to create, communicate, and collaborate. Citizen's media, therefore, includes not only blogs, but also podcasts, discussion groups, mash ups, etc. The comon denominator of citizen media sources is that they are all read-write in application. Any citizen can, in addition to reading local, national, and international news and views, publish their own input to create a collaborative thought provoking digital environment that can manifest in policy and civic action.
There is an anarchistic implication to citizen's media in terms of my personal interpretation of the true meaning of anarchy. Gilmor refers to the "self-government" potential that citizen's media represents. If, in fact, through collaborative digital political interaction we can become better informed and open our minds to include possibilities not expressed in mainstream media sources, then citizen's media can be a pathway that allows ordinary citizens a more direct way of taking care of themselves socio-politically. Citizen's media resonates in this direction.

Citizen media are act of citizens that plays an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information. Its participation is to provide independent, reliable, accurate, wide-ranging and relevant information that a democracy requires. (Guled)

Citizens' Media is refers to any form of content produced by private citizens, which has as its goal to inform and empower all members of society. This includes inclusive production models such as (video blogs), and (audio blogs). (Guled)

An inhabitant of a city or town with some sort of involvement with the media that allows that paticular person to access any equipment that is in the cable access affiliation. (No name was provided with this definition. So if you were the one that stated this about Citizen Media, please submit your name)

Wikipedia describes these forms of Media as anything produced by citizens for the betterment of all people in society. (Sam)

Citizen Media is Media produced by private non professional journalist citizens. It uses different forms of Media Production like Blogs, Vlogs, Pod casts, Wikis, forums, Participatory video etc and distributed via Public Access TV and Radio Stations, Internet. SARA